Your First Visit (Self-Pay)

Until you’ve had a session (or two or five) with us, it is a little hard to conceptualize what exactly the experience is like. What we provide is very likely something you haven’t seen or experienced before and thus have no basis to relate to. Even the lofty goals we set out for each session is not common place- we aim to literally create and reclaim functional space within your body, space for movement, space for the literal and metaphorical breathing room, space for clarity and space to think. 

We aim to help you make fundamental change that will not only alleviate the pain you are experiencing but also the underlying pattern that led up to the pain. To be successful you will have to be responsible for making changes to how you move about in this world. And just like any life change, we need solid motivation to carry us through the process. What motivates or inspires you to want change? Beyond just getting out of pain- is it playing with the kids in your life? Being able to do your favorite hobby or sport? Gardening, hiking, pickle ball? Is it being able to get through the demands of work and still have enough energy to do a hobby or activity? Having that specific goal is vital to motivation as well as having a measuring stick for your progress. (It is perfectly ok to start with the goal of just being able to wash your hair or do dishes without pain or even simply wanting a greater sense of stability within yourself.) It ultimately means asking “What are the activities in my life that I want to be ale to do with ease and joy?”

Your therapist will ask about your goal in the first session- your first homework! During the initial interview we will go over your health history as well as do physical assessments. These assessments may include breathing, standing, walking and general range of motion.

The actual structure of your bodywork session is impossible to predict or describe as it will be decided by your therapist based on your current issues, needs and assessments. But we can confidently say you will, at some point, experience your therapist using techniques that employ their hands, forearms, elbows, knees, feet and maybe even sitting (Yes therapeutic sitting! It feels amazing and is very effective!) Your therapist may also incorporate cupping, scraping, Tok Sen, hot herbal compresses and/or medicinal topicals. Towards the end of the session we may share recommendations for corrective exercises or supportive follow up care to be done at home. Whether it happens in the first session or the fourth, everyone gets homework eventually. Our job is to help you reclaim space in your body, your job is to make use of it. No progress can be made if you don’t change “how you do what you do.”

Now that you’ve read our intro, feel free to book your Initial Session. For extra credit, book a few Follow-Up sessions (lower down on this page). We strongly recommend having a follow-up session within a week or two (if at all possible) so we can see what did or did not change for you.

(If you actually wanted to use your Health Insurance, hop over to the Billing Health Insurance page)

Self-Pay Initial Assessment and Therapy 


As a general guidline, the 90 minute session is better suited to a single joint or issue while the 120 minute is better if multiple areas need addressing.

Of course, we understand the limitations of schedules and budgets and will help you in whatever capasity we can with which ever duration fits your needs.

The buttons below will open our scheduling software in a new window.

Self-Pay Initial Assessment and Therapy (90 Minutes)- $120

Self-Pay Initial Assessment and Therapy (120 Minutes)- $150

Follow-Up Visits 

 Congratulations on continuing with your self care! We are excited you are scheduling a Follow Up visit.

You may have already had your Initial Visit and are following recommendations from your therapist, which is great; please proceed! You can feel free to bookmark the scheduling tab for greater ease in scheduling now that you are a pro at this.

You may be a New Client that is studiously booking your Follow Up visits in advance. (Gold star for you!) If you are a New Client, we just ask that you make sure to book your Initial Visit first, lest you provoke the office gnomes who will chatter angrily while waving their fists.

Self-Pay Follow-Up 


The options for Follow-Up visits are the same as the initial visits and you can use either as needed (you dont have to stick with just one session length throughout your care.)

The button below will open our scheduling software in a new window.

Self-Pay Follow-Up (90 Minutes)- $120

Self-Pay Follow-Up (120 Minutes)- $150

*Self-pay rates represent a Time-of-Service Discount applicable only when services are paid in full prior to or at time of service.
Standard rates are used for any services billed post service:
Hydrotherapy (97010) $15/unit 
Manual Therapy (97140) $45/unit 
Neuromuscular Re-education (97112) $35/unit
Rates subject to change without notice.