The Team

All of our therapists are dedicated students and practitioners of Traditional Thai Medicine. The primary goals of this clinic are to foster learning and understanding of this amazing lineage for all of our therapists as well as share this healing tradition with our community.

With our dedication to learning, each of us spends a considerable amount of time studying- far more than is typical for our profession. Which means our therapist availability varies. Each of us will study in Thailand, sometimes for a month, sometimes for three months. Some of our therapists are here at the clinic seasonally as part of their study/work rotation. Sometimes we get a guest therapist to moonlight at the clinic for a short while.

What doesn’t waver is the quality of care provided. You will receive exceptional bodywork from all of our therapists. So if “the therapist” you were referred to or your “favorite” isn’t available right now, just know you will be well cared for by whomever you get to see.
We work as a team.
We collaborate to best help you move through this life with more ease.

Tiffany Brookes, LMT #25408



Rachel Watkins, LMT #27404



Liz Fifield, LMT

Liz Fifield, LMT #18384

Liz is a Portland native that came to Thai Medicine after a decade of providing Swedish style therapy and massage. She has extensive experience working with Motor Vehicle injuries, work injuries, as well as managing the aches and pains from everyday life stresses. Liz wants your recovery to be expedient and enjoyable, balancing the necessary work of making change with the the joy of being in capable and cofindent hands. Liz believes every session is a mini celebration of what is good in life.


Focus A. Burmester, LMT #13910

Focus is a long time student and practitioner of Traditional Thai Medicine. Her primary goal as a therapist is to restore normal, pain-free function for her clients. Sessions with Focus can be intensely transformative and speed you on your way to regaining full use of your body and a more active lifestyle.

In addition to helping clients address specific injuries and limitations, Focus also mentors therapists interested in rehabilitative treatments. She enjoys helping other therapists expedite their understanding and capabilities within this field. Sessions with Focus can often have an apprentice or mentee in attendance.


Jessi Grebner, LMT #22620

Jessi is currently on Maternity leave/Sabbatical.


Ryan (Moon) Young

Moon is several things in our office. He is the head of the magical fae that clean, restock and keep general order in our clinic as well as the master of linen laundering. We are eternally grateful for his support of daily operations in the clinic.

Separately, he is also finishing his initial education requirements to become an LMT. Once his program is completed, he will become an apprentice in the clinic and will eventually join us on staff as a therapist. We will see if he continues to dual class as therapist and master of office upkeep…


Idella Burmester

 Idella is our Remote Office Admin. While not physically with us in the clinic, she is very much a part of the daily running of the clinic and handles all maner of “back office” duties including the ever-important rangling of insurance billings.

We hope to have her ‘in house’ one day but in the meantime we are ever thankful she supports us from afar.