Working Here

Working here is pretty amazing; it’s inspiring, fulfilling, challenging, and often very silly! We know you want to know more about how we run things and how to get the opportunity of being part of our team. We will try to give a brief over view but please know that things change and adapt and this is not set in stone.

We have an apprenticeship model of working in this clinic, which means the exact path to being a therapist here is highly indiviualized and varies dependant on your personal history, experience, level of knowledge and understanding. There just isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ framework for this. We do, however, have a basic approach that gets adapted to each candidates needs and abilities.

All apprenticeships include one-on-one trainng and practice with Focus, group classes with all therapists currently working in the clinic, shadowing therapists during thier shifts to learn office protocols and become accustomed with how we approach client care as well as specific time to learn the ins and outs of all of our clinc software.

How these hours are organized, what topics are covered, their duration and frequency are all aspects that have to be determined for each individual. We want every therapist who joins us to be well prepaired, confident and comfortable, and thouroghly adept at what we offer before begining to work with clients. Which is why our process starts with learning, observing, practicing and then being observed as we transition into patient care. All steps are supported and guided to create the best foundation possible.

We are always open to inquiries about apprenticeship and employment opportunities. We generally have more client need than our current therapists can accommodate. Applications from quality therapist to join our dedicated team are gladly accepted!

Below are a few (obviously not all) desired skills and qualities we look for in possible apprentices.

Ability and earnest desire to continually learn

Dedication to providing compassionate skillful care

Physical ability to provide one hour, one and half hour, and two hour bodywork sessions

Physical ability to provide up to five hours of manual therapy/bodywork per day

Physical ability to work on a mat on the floor (not just a massage table)

Genuine interest and desire to study Thai Medicine and Thai Massage

Willingness to be credentialed with insurance companies and work with a diverse group of patients

Ability to use electronic scheduling, EMR, and other digital back office applications

Desire and willingness to provide self directed patient care after initial apprenticeship training


Prior experience is appreciated, but not required. We are a specialist clinic offering a specialty service. We know that automatically creates some barrier to entry and we aim to make a transition to this style of work as accessible as possible. There are numerous skills of being a therapist and working with patients that are universal and applicable, even if the modality and techniques vary. Newly licensed or soon to graduate massage students may also apply, just know your initial apprenticeship training may take a little longer as we work on developing these professional skills. As always, mentoring and learning is an ongoing part of our clinic, regardless of experience. You will continue to be supported in the learning process, no matter what point in your career you step onto this path.

After your successful apprenticeship period, pay and benefits can include a generous hourly (yes everyone is W2 employee), reimbursement for cost of license and liability insurance renewal, health insurance, retirement, and Continuing Education (provided in house.)

This can be part-time or full-time employment. We do offer evening and weekend hours to meet the needs of our clients, so please anticipate this being a part of your schedule.

As for the ultimate configuration of your shifts and client load, this will be determined as part of the apprenticeship process. But do know that this is not a “fast paced” clinic. This is a patient-centered clinic providing high quality specialty care. We want you to be able to have a long, healthy career helping as many individuals with personalized care and attention. If you are interested in providing this kind of service to our community, we are interested in helping you!

Please reach out with a letter of interest at office(at)