Health Insurance

We know everyone is excited and hopeful to use their insurance benefits for our services. We get asked frequently if we take “XYZ Insurance”. The short answer is: It completely depends on your plan. That is to say, while we may or may not be In-Network with your insurance company your Plan may or may not cover our services. The long and the short of it is you should be prepared to cover the cost of your treatments should your insurance plan not cover our services.

We endeavor to make this process as simple as we can for you. We are happy to check your plan benefits before your first visit. Unfortunately this benefit check does not guarantee coverage but for most plans we can be reasonably sure of coverage.

There are a few bits of information you will need to gather in order for us to inquire on your behalf. The information needed is:

1. Your name as it appears on your insurance card
2. Your subscriber ID number
3. Your date of birth

All of this information will be collected on our Intake and Health History form. If your plan is determined to not have coverage we can convert your appointment to a Self-pay session or cancel it should you want seek care elsewhere (We totally understand, insurance is expensive and you want to use those benefits!) If you would like for us to check your plan benefits prior to scheduling please contact us via email or text. Eventually we will have an online form you can fill out, but not just yet so old fashioned email will have to do.


A few details  about who we can bill and who we can not.

We CAN bill the following insurers:

Regence/Blue Cross Blue Shield (In-Network)
Providence (In-Network)
Pacific Source (Out-of-Network)

We CAN NOT bill the following insurers:

Medicare/OHP (Moda, Trillium, Pacific Source Community Solutions)
ASH (American Specialty Health) Network

We  have opted out of ASHN and all of their affiliates. We may still be listed in their directories however we are no longer accepting new clients with these insurances: Cigna, Aetna, HealthNet, United Health Care (UHC), American Specialty Health (ASHN).

Your First Visit

There is plenty to say about what your first session with us will look like. It certainly is an important thing to address since the services we offer are probably unlike anything you have experienced elsewhere.

We begin that extraordinary experience now, before your first appointment is even booked. We ask that you take some time to ponder what your goals are, what your motivation is. Go beyond simple answers of just reducing pain or stress. We are looking for the life experience that is inspiration for you.

Why? Why do we ask for to you to contemplate motivations? Because what we offer is not just bodywork or massage. We endeavor to help you make pivotal changes in your body and your life. Those changes are going to require a strong inspiration for you to persist in the process of making new habits. Simply saying we want to feel better or move better isn’t the same thing as really identifying what that looks like in real life.

What are the activities you really want to be able to do, with ease and with joy? Do you crave having an inner sense of stability and the confidence that brings? What was the thought you just had- your personal example of intrinsic changes? That’s where we will start.

Now that we’ve opened the door for those thoughts to percolate, we can talk about the more pragmatic aspects of your first visit.

When you book your session you will receive a few emails from us- a confirmation, an invitation to create a login for our software, and a link to our online Health History and Intake forms. We know filling out forms is never enjoyable but they are essential. The more information you give us the better we can see the picture that is your physical manifestation.

When you reach our clinic we will start with discussing your current concerns or issues as well as your health history and current contributing factors. We will perform assessments of your body patterns and limitations. These assessments may include breathing, standing, walking as well as general range of motion testing.

The bodywork aspect will be determined by your therapist after assessments. This can take many forms and is impossible to give a precise description as your therapist will be using as many tools as they find necessary. This can include hands, forearms, elbows, knees, feet and even sitting on you- yup, sitting on you (it feels wonderful!). In addition to their body tools, they may use cupping, scraping, Tok Sen, hot herbal compresses- the combinations are multitude.

After your session, your therapist may or may not give you homework. It depends entirely on your individual situation. We may want to see how your body assimilates the changes from your session before we start changing how you use your body. But just know that homework, those subtle changes that will be paramount to addressing your symptoms, will come at some point. Everyone gets homework!

Now that you’ve read our intro, feel free to book your Initial Session. For extra credit, book a few Follow-Up sessions. We strongly recommend having a follow-up session within a week or two (if at all possible) so we can see what did or did not change for you.

 If you are a New Client that is studiously booking your Follow Up visits in advance (Gold star for you!) we implore you to make sure to book your Initial Visit first, lest you provoke the office gnomes who will chatter angrily while waving their fists.

The scheduling options below are broken out by Insurer as each one has different allowable coverages for our services. If you have any questions please contact us.

Regence/ Blue Cross Blue Shield


All of the Regence/BCBS companies have similar treatment coverages. So if your insurance card has either of those decals on it, this will be your appointment type.

 Insurance will be billed at our Standard Rates.* 

Providence Health Plans

All Providence plans cover our services, some may require pre-authorization. We can go over any of these requirements after reviewing your insurance coverages.

Insurance will be billed at our Standard Rates.* 

City of Eugene Health Plan

This appointment type is specifically for City of Eugene employees and their families that have coverage through the City Health Insurance Plan.

Insurance will be billed at our Standard Rates.* 

 Standard rates for services

Hydrotherapy (97010) $15/unit 
Manual Therapy (97140) $45/unit 
Neuromuscular Re-education (97112) $35/unit

Standard rates used for any services billed post service.
Rates subject to change without notice.