A Wonderful Gift


Our  clinic software company (Jane App) is working on creating Gift Certificates that we can offer online through our patient portal. This will mean you will be able to purchase Gift Certificates for friends and family once again soon! We will update this page as well as our software as soon as this is functional!


Gift Certificates are a wonderful way to show someone that you appreciate them and their wellbeing.

Many folks that have benefited from our services have wanted to share that experience with those they love, other’s have found us on the internet and hope we can give their loved one some joy or comfort without having any experience of what we do. In both cases, the earnest desire to help another has prompted the purchase of a gift certificate.

Unfortunately, often these caring gifts do not result in the loved one coming into our clinic. For a myriad of reasons, many who receive a gift certificate for Initial Assessments do not end up booking an appointment. This has led to the headache of ongoing bookkeeping and repeated follow-up for our staff.

After many years of offering online gift certificates, we have decided to discontinue them. The convenience for clients and their families has not outweighed the maintenance of offering them.

The one group of people that have benefited the most from our online gift certificates are those current clients of our whose family and friends buys continuing care for them. This group of individuals are the reason we have kept the online option available as long as we have.

We want these clients to continue to receive the support of their family members and will do whatever we can to make it simple for you to contribute to their care – just not through an online forum. We are offering for anyone who would like to contribute to the care of another to provide the loved one with the funds directly, mail or drop off a check, or call and use a debit/credit card to add credit to their account to be used as needed.


We hope you can forgive any inconvenience this may cause you and can appreciate that this will free up some very valuable time for our staff.