We are a manual therapy clinic in West Eugene specializing in treatment of injuries and structural compensations. We can treat a myriad of issues stemming from repetitive strain, trauma and daily activities.

Everyone gets aches and pains accumulated throughout life. Whether it’s headaches, back pain, a creaky knee, or stress held in our shoulders, there are things that can begin to interfere with the activities we love to do and the activities we need to do.

Our mission at FBC is to help you regain and maintain normal ease of movement and function so that you can continue to have an active lifestyle; be that at Work, at Home, or at Play.

 Our services are broken into a few different categories to make scheduling easier for you and to help us understand some of the details of the services needed.

Firstly, we need to know if you will be paying for services directly (Self-Pay) or if we will be billing a third party on your behalf (Health Insurance). We have another classification specifically for Motor Vehicle Collision (Car Accident) as these injuries are specific and acute and require specific treatment. Additionally, these MVC claims require extra steps and information. From each of these appointment types you can then choose your appointment length if applicable.

Listed below are the three primary categories (Self-Pay, Insurance and MVC) along with the Self-pay rates and duration options. More can be read about each of these on their respective scheduling pages. We strongly recommend you thoroughly read through these pages as they will answer many common questions, especially what to expect in your first visit, what insurace we can bill, and what extra steps are needed for MVC claims.

Motor Vehicle Collision

(Auto Acccident Claims) 

 Initial MVC sessions are 90 Minutes long.

Follow Up sessions are 60 Minutes long.

All MVC appointments require a referral/prescription. Sessions are billed at our Standard Rates.*

Billing Health Insurance


We are In-Network with Regence/Blue Cross Blue Shield and Providence.

We can also bill services for City of Eugene employee insurance plan.

The services covered are determined by the individual plans and are billed at our Standard Rate.

Self-Pay Services


We have two session durations for anyone paying directly at the time of service. As a general guidline, the 90 minute session is better suited to a single joint or issue while the 120 minute is better if multiple areas need addressing.

Of course, we understand the limitations of schedules and budgets and will help you in whatever capasity we can with which ever duration fits your needs.

120 Minute Bodywork Session- $140

90 Minute Bodywork Session- $110